UMP Cloud is an entry level, multi-protocol device management solution deployed in Cloud. It allows ISPs to optimize processes, automate workflows and control end-users’ devices.


Advanced functionalities with no installation

Save costs of on-site infrastructure and get access to all functionalities of advanced Unified Device Management Platform (→UMP) used by large telco operators. Benefit from numerous features such as automatic service activation (zero-touch), predictive provisioning and pro-active monitoring with no installation or hardware investment.

Keep an eye on your network

Gather the statistical data from all endpoints in a predefined time intervals (6 hours as default) to ensure you receive as full information regarding your devices as possible. Start being in full control of your network.

Avoid CAPEX expenses

Simplify your daily operations without any initial CAPEX expenses. Plan your budget in advance and get charged only for real resources used by your devices and customers. All the system’s upgrades are included.

Professional technical support

Immediately solve any network-related problems that you might suffer, so they don’t influence the end users of your network anymore. Our top specialists can help you to improve your network’s performance and advise you on the best network architecture or integration with your other OSS/BSS components.

Pay as you grow

Benefit from a pure pay-as-you-grow model, where service fee is related to the number of registered devices. Later on migrate your network to on-site UMP ACS as the number of the devices that you manage grows and your business needs to expand.


Live snapshot every 15 minutes

Collect data from end-users’ devices with resolution going down to every 15 minutes (TM Forum recommendation for OSS/BSS systems).

Secure NBI for OSS/BSS integration

Integrate Cloud UMP with your OSS/BSS systems with secure Northbound interface (NBI) using SOAP or REST web services. Use sample code snippets available in several technologies.

Full auto discovery

UMP Cloud is capable of automatic device registration as well as extraction of supported data directly from end-devices. This significantly reduces the workload of system administrators, as manual configuration and registration of every single parameter is no longer required.

Simplified mass operations

Task based architecture of Cloud UMP enables both easy configuration of single devices and mass operations on large groups of assets.

GUI processes editor

Flexible operation engine allows you to manage and define even the most complex workflows through the User Interface. The system enables you to define your own steps, parameters, and conditions through an in-build provisioning script editor.

Integrated XMPP support

Internal implementation of XMPP client, as necessary for the XMPP Connection Request mechanism, as specified in TR-069 Annex K. UDP Connection Request over STUN (TR-069 Annex G) is also available.

Geographical redundancy

Increase reliability and improve service performance thanks to the system’s intercontinental distribution. Cloud UMP servers are placed in multiple locations in Europe and Canada, which ensures increased data loss protection and decreases response times.

UC-Wireless Specialised Distribution of Complete Solutions

All products distributed are inter-operable, providing complete solutions with powerful upgradeable seamlessly integrated capability