The 619DSRI provides the communications integrator with powerful features that can be used to substantially increase the effectiveness of new and existing radio networks using dynamic configuration.

What can the 619DSRI do for you?

The 619DSRI can fulfill three main purposes:

  1. Provide a means of easily bridging (or cross banding) a number of different radio transceivers (mobile or base), regardless of manufacturer or frequency band
  2. Enable organizations to pre-configure a number of different user groups and network structures to suit various operational scenarios then switch to the appropriate structure according to operational needs
  3. For ultimate flexibility, provide a method of auto steering voice calls to different sub-networks using either CTCSS or tone signaling


  • Saves considerable time and effort in interfacing disparate radio equipment
  • Significantly reduces the cost of adding additional hardware
  • Provides added system flexibility at any repeater site
  • Improves organizational effectiveness by allowing networks to be re-configured to meet operational needs
  • Reduces maintenance costs by enabling remote diagnosis and configuration of repeater equipment

Quite simply, the 619DSRI is the most cost effective method of interconnecting multiple radios on the market and is equally effective in commercial applications such as utilities, transport and resources as it is in Public Safety.

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