The DRG100 digital radio gateway operates as an interface between the DX-Altus Digital Radio Management System and a digital radio such as a MotoTRBO mobile, a DMR repeater or a P25 base.

Omnitronics DRG100Whether your organization is running different digital radio systems (including DMR, P25, Tetra etc) or a combination of them, it doesn’t matter.

The DRG100 translates voice and data into the same digital protocol, meaning differing radios and protocols will all be able to connect to the one network. Users are no longer restricted in their choice of protocol nor need to convert their entire network in one swoop. True interoperability is now within reach.

This provides organizations with a number of benefits:

  • Phased Network Upgrades to different radio vendors or different technologies
  • Ability to choose the protocol most appropriate for each region or role
  • Flexibility to connect to the network from any location
  • Ability to adapt to future technology changes

By using a gateway instead of connecting directly to the radio, you can gain the following benefits:

  • Interoperability with Digital Radios that don’t have an ethernet interface
  • Interoperability with Digital Radios that connect via Donor Radios
  • Removes the need for expensive vocoders installed at each operator position
  • Proprietary Operating System eliminates problems such as viruses typically associated with PC’s
  • Much of the call-processing is carried-out at the gateway, freeing up the consoles for better performance
  • The radio becomes a shared resource that is made available to multiple users, even with different styles of consoles

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