IPR100 interfaces can be used to create IP links between two or more radios using point to point Unicasting, point to multi point Multicasting or IP Conferencing communications. The IP Conferencing feature is a powerful protocol that provides a multicasting type feature on a network such as a DSL connection (which would normally not support multicasting). A standard TCP/ IP RJ45 interface connection to the IPR100 provides the IP network interface.

Omnitronics IPR100Two analog ports are provided for the audio interface. An RJ45 with a 4-Wire E&M port allows brand independent radios to connect to an international standard. Additionally the “Handset” accessory port on the front of the IPR100 provides a balanced half-duplex connection for a standard Omnitronics 960 Handset or 960 Console peripheral. Multiple 960 peripherals can be paralleled to the handset port allowing multiple operators to share the IP connection from the IPR100. This IP connection then accesses other remote Omnitronics IPR Series interfaces to control the device connected at that remote location. Omnitronics supports audio digitization compression algorithms from the standard G.711 64kbps to the GSM 13kbps.

Unique Advantages of the IPR100:

  • Eliminates the need for expensive leased lines or maintenance hungry radio links
  • SIP enabled open standards based connections to PBX and SIP phones
  • Compatible with satellite communications and 3G Cellular
  • Signalling schemes sent as data allowing full compression of the audio

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