The IPR110 Plus – Advanced VoIP and SIP Gateway is changing the way organisations communicate with their radio networks.

Omnitronics IPR 110 PlusThe IPR110 Plus extends the feature set of the IPR100 with three major feature inclusions: 1. Interfaces an organizations PBX and SIP phone users with their radio network. 2. Interfaces mobiles and portables in the field with an organizations PBX and SIP phones. 3. Provides a serial channel change control and VoIP interface for remote base stations.

The gateway enables users to connect to remote radio networks from their existing office based SIP compatible PBX systems and, at the same time, it gives users of two-way radios the ability to dial SIP phones or telephone extensions from the field. The IPR110 Plus possesses some unique features including the ability to configure DTMF or SELCALL (5-Tone) tone sequences to manage connections and control radio functions. Radio users can establish a phone call by keying a pre-set DTMF or SELCALL sequence. On the radio side, the status of a SIP call, whether incoming or outgoing, is translated into familiar tones for the radio user.

The IPR110 Plus also includes a Channel Change (frequency) mode. This enables a remote operator with a DTMF keypad to change the frequency of the attached radio. Channel change occurs via the serial port. For example, an operator with a SIP phone can establish a connection to a radio then change the channel on that radio. The IPR110 Plus supports the feature set of the IPR100 in additional to the above capabilities.

Unique Advantages of the IPR110 Plus:

  • Conveniently connect to and from SIP Phones and SIP PBX’s
  • Operates like a phone system where calls are initiated by either the SIP phone or the radio user
  • Easy to install and begin using straight away with minimal training

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