The IPR400 is a full featured, highly flexible four-port VoIP Gateway and Interconnect. It is designed to provide Voice over IP extensions for analog radio equipment and to facilitate interoperability between disparate radio systems such as UHF, VHF, HF and Trunking.

Omnitronics IPR400The device supports up to four VoIP channels which can be mapped to its four radio channels. This provides the means to link together groups of radios and VoIP channels in a myriad of combinations. The device is ideally suited for repeater site applications and accessing those sites from dispatch consoles. In built compression algorithms ensure efficient and minimal use of IP bandwidth and corporate IP Networks. SNMP provides analog and digital site monitoring of the IPR400. This enables network managers to readily interrogate network hubs, control remote functions or monitor system health and integrity.

Unique Advantages of the IPR400:

  • Radio cross banding and audio bridging with IP access
  • Facilitates inter-agency interoperability
  • SNMP monitoring and control

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