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Spectralink PIVOT

Spectralink PIVOT Physical Attributes

Spectralink - Why WorkSmart?

Spectralink PIVOT UI and Standard Apps

Spectralink PIVOT Apps

Mobile Workforce Solutions

Spectralink 8400 Series Interoperability

Wireless Telephones for Education

Wireless Telephones for Hospitality

Instant Messaging

Wireless Telephones for Retail

Wireless Telephones for Healthcare

KIRK Video for MSFT Lync Launch

Spectralink REACH

Spectralink SAFE

Spectralink DECT Healthcare Handsets

Spectralink 8400 Wi-Fi Handset in Healthcare

Spectralink 8400 Workflow Examples

Spectralink 8400 Nurse Call Integration

Spectralink 8400 Wi-Fi Downloadable User Profiles

Spectralink 8400 Video Surveillance

SpectraLink 8450 - Multifunction Device

Spectralink Barcode Scanning

Polycom 8400 WiFi Handset Barcode Reader

Spectralink 8450 Retail Inventory Lookup