Creating a Superior Healthy Environment

InstantVitals™is a revolutionary application that was developed with specific aim at reducing risk and combatting the spread of the Coronavirus.

InstantVitals™ measures 3 key vital signs, in addition to temperature, that could indicate whether a person is at risk of being infected or infecting others and thereby be stopped from entering a building and putting others at risk.

This creates a safer environment for customers as well as staff, especially in industries such as casino’s where it can become crowded at times and people are in close proximity to one another. The passing back and forth of gaming equipment can also create a health risk. Customers and staff are screened at the entrance to determine the risk factor and minimise the possibilities of virus outbreaks.

Improved Staff Connectivity and Productivity

Spectralink handsets unite the most critical elements of workplace communications within a single mobile device that is highly reliable, extra durable, and easy to use. You get all the power, performance and functionality of an enterprise-grade device with the sleek look and feel of a personal smartphone. Increasing worker productivity and organizational cost savings, the Spectralink Wi-Fi phones connect on-site professionals with customers, colleagues, and all the applications they need to perform their best.

Location Based Business Intelligence

Linkyfi is so much more than a foot traffic counter. You will not only know how many people frequent your casino, but also who they are and how much time they spend in the casino.It supports customer insights to learn more about your visitors and with a real-time dashboard you can analyse footfall and identify hotspots for optimal marketing ROI.

Captive Portal Marketing

The buzzword in marketing is personalisation and interactive campaigns. When it comes to gaming, customers and visitors want to feel valued. They want to feel you are making a true effort to engage with them on a more personal basis. Make this happen with Linkyfi, which enables you to create personalised, branded campaigns that engage the customer while they’re on the floor, enjoying their gaming experience.

Customer Surveys and Insights

The Linkyfi platform is a powerful and very adaptable customer connectivity platform, which enables multiple applications in almost any industry. In order to react to customers’ needs, it is of utmost importance to gather feedback from customers to gain an holistic understanding of their opinions and expectations. Customer satisfaction is the key factor to create a competitive edge in the casino industry, to ensure people view your casino as the preferred place to be.

Customer Service & Loyalty Bench-Marking and Measuring

With Linkyfi, performance tracking metrics can be put in place with real-time ratings by customers while they are in the casino. Staff can be measured against performance metrics and facilities will be able to track the loyalty of customers and the reputation of the establishment in order to inform a marketing strategy aimed at improving service and satisfaction.

The results are continuously updated on a dashboard which ensures quick action where required. No more waiting for results from formal research studies and post-experience feedback. Linkyfi is real-time knowledge and insights.

Internet Traffic Visibility and Analytics

It is important to keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to network usage. Ensuring the network is not utilised poorly and high-value applications are prioritised, you need visibility on network usage in order to correctly manage it. Allot provides internet traffic visibility and analytics in an easy-to-use dashboard.

Optimise and Prioritise all Internet Bandwidth

With people having more than one device at a time, network traffic and slow bandwidth becomes a real concern. Nomadix ensures that your on-premise wi-fi network is correctly optimised to support maximum productivity. Staff will experience less down-time and optimal communication channels.

Asset and Staff Tracking

Keeping track of staff, equipment and other assets is yet another solution to assist in running an effective gaming  business, ultimately resulting in greater customer satisfaction but also providing additional security for staff and assets, with WWW-IOT.