Multi-Dwelling Units

Multi-Dwelling Units

Creating a superior healthy environment

InstantVitals™ is a revolutionary application that was developed with specific aim at reducing risk and combatting the spread of the Coronavirus.

InstantVitals™ measures 4 key vital signs that could indicate whether a person is at risk of being infected or infecting others and thereby be stopped from entering a building and putting others at risk. Heart rate, temperature, oxygen saturation and respiratory rate have been identified by the WHO as first signs of a low immunity system that could be high risk.

With InstantVitals, asymptomatic people can also be identified early, thereby reducing the risk of infecting other people in public places. This creates a safer environment and ensures people with possible infection can be assisted with further testing at a suitable testing station or healthcare facility.

Internet Traffic Visibility and Analytics

It is important to keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to network usage. Ensuring the network is not utilised poorly and high-value applications are prioritised, you need visibility on network usage in order to correctly manage it. Allot provides internet traffic visibility and analytics in an easy-to-use dashboard.

Optimise and Prioritise all Internet Bandwidth

With people having more than one device at a time, network traffic and slow bandwidth becomes a real concern. Nomadix  ensures that your on-premise Wi-Fi network is correctly optimised to support maximum productivity. Staff will experience less down-time and optimal communication channels.