Revolutionary AI-Based Health Risk Screening

Key vital signs measured on a mobile device app

For peace-of-mind and a safe environment

  • By screening visitors, customers and guests, any establishment, retail store, office or even household can have peace-of-mind.
  • Any enterprise with the InstantVitals app system can be ensured of a healthy, safe environment.
  • InstantVitals accurately identifies asymptomatic individuals that could be at high risk of spreading infection.

More than just a Temperature Measurement

  • Temperature Screening on it’s own has been proven to be insufficient for COVID-19 Screening.
  • The InstantVitals App includes 3 Critical Vital Signs  that can indicate a person of high risk, earlier than a High Temperature Reading by itself.

Encrypted QR Codes for accurate contact tracing

  • A unique QR code is assigned and all data encrypted.
  • InstantVitals is POPIA Compliant.

Improves Business Health-Risk Management

  • Real-time Dashboard for Businesses to manage their health risk.
  • Businesses are able to screen all Employees and Visitors, ensuring a safe workspace.
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How InstantVitals™ Work

For Personal Use and Daily Screening

Learn More about InstantVitals for Personal Use and Daily Screening

For Business Use and Analytical Monitoring

Learn More about InstantVitals for Business Use and Analytical Monitoring

Industries Benefiting From InstantVitals

Acute Care
Manufacturing & Warehousing
Elderly Care

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