Intelligent Bandwidth Management for Wi-Fi Site Users


  • Authenticates guest devices to access the network.
  • Manages bandwidth of the visitor-based network.
  • Provides Billing and Accounting Interfaces.
  • Streamline Communication Process.
  • Manages guest device access to network bandwidth.
  • Manages guest devices on the network.
  • Provides simple added security in the guest environment.


  • Rauland
  • Spectralink
  • Linkyfi
  • Teltonika

Nomadix Edge Gateway 6000 (EG 6000)

  • From 500 – 8000 Simultaneous Devices.
  • Performance 3Gbps throughput.
  • Property management system integration.
  • Up to 7 configurable WAN ports with load balancing.
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Langing Pages

Features and benefits

  • Default login page with several customization options available.
  • Customizations are done via Subscriber Interface menu.
  • Upload specific pages and images to the gateway using FTP.
  • Allows for complete branded experience.
  • Parameters can be sent to the Portal and used for location aware branding, or different reports/statistics.
  • Integration with AG via XML commands.

Authentication and Billing

Features and Benefits

  • Multiple billing models.
  • PMS Redirector functionalities that allows the managed service provider portal page solution to use Nomadix in order to communicate with local PMS.
  • Nomadix offers an integrated RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) client allowing service providers to track or bill users based on the number of connections, location of the connection, bytes sent and received, connect time, etc. using VSA (Vendor Specific Attributes).

Bandwidth Management

Features and benefits

  • Per device, per user of per group limitations.
  • Applied for different billing plans or per user authentication (Internal, XML or added as a Radius VSA ).
  • Weighted Fair Queueing provides a fall-back in an over-subscribed scenario.
  • Default Valid Subscriber Max Up/Down Bandwidth.
  • Class-Based Queueing.

Modules Available

Features and Benefits

  • Load Balancing Module.
  • High Availability Module – Fail Over.
  • Active / Passive Failover. This module allows two Nomadix Gateways to act as siblings, where one device will take up the users should the other device become disconnected from the network.
  • Routing Subscribers Module (RSM) – Used for centralised (data-center) solutions when there are routers on the LAN side of the AG.

Nomadix Cloud

  • Wi-Fi management and provisioning for multiple dwelling units and commercial buildings.
  • Offers a portal-free, true home Wi-Fi experience for residents and tenants.
  • Empowers property managers to easily create and manage subscriber accounts.
  • Allows residents and tenants to self-manage Wi-Fi settings.
  • Enables seamless, property-wide Wi-Fi deployments.
  • Eliminates the need for MAC address-based onboarding.
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Industries Benefiting From Nomadix

MDU (Multi-Dwelling Units)
Enterprise / Corporate
Student Housing
Assisted and Senior Living

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