Advanced, Cost Effective Critical Healthcare Communication and Workflow Solution

Higher Level of Nursing Engagement

  • Ease of Use.
  • Efficient communication improves nurse productivity.
  • Comprehensive, automated reporting.
  • Improved nurse morale and retention.

Simple and Intuitive to Use

  • Onboard new staff quickly.
  • Visual indicators reduce steps. Indicate active call, service request or status.
  • Reduce unnecessary calls. Patient controls environment.
  • Automate workflow.

Simplify Staff's Routine Tasks

  • Easily triage calls, set service reminders, or notify caregivers’ mobile device.
  • In the room show staff presence and/or initiate workflows.
  • Balance patient privacy and safety with 2-way communication from bed and toilet.

Streamline Communication Process

  • Realtime information display.
  • Route calls to specific caregivers. Contact patient directly from mobile device.
  • Family can make direct requests to appropriate staff, rather than interrupt nurse.
  • Manage day/night staff levels with intelligent Console coverage.

Management dashboards provide proactive trending and analysis, addressing issues before they escalate

  • Comprehensive, easy-to-read reporting.
  • Productivity is measured and provided in clear, customizable and precise manner.
  • Benchmark patient response goals and ensure staff compliance.
  • Detailed, customized reports delivered to your inbox.
  • Rapidly mitigate and manage staff levels.

Direct Connect and Mobile App Integration

  • SIP Telephony Solution.
  • Vendor agnostic, including DECT & Smart Phones.
  • Improved response times to patient calls.
  • Call escalation – notify specific role or the next available staff.


  • Spectralink
  • Nomadix

Rauland R5000

Room Sconce or Corridor Light

Features and benefits

  • Programmable colours.
  • Flash rates provide a wide range of indicators.
  • Indicates alarms, staff registration and room status.

Room Station

Features and Benefits

  • Communicates directly with patient.
  • Eliminates unnecessary trips to patient rooms.

Bathroom Station

Features and benefits

  • Audio pullcord in patient’s bathroom.
  • Patient can directly  communicate routine requests or distress.
  • 2-way communication supports fall reduction, ensures help back to bed response is appropriate.

Workflow Station

Features and Benefits

  • Initiate new workflows with the push of a button.
  • Notify key personnel of a task or room status that requires their immediate response.

Equipment Station

Features and benefits

  • Medical equipment and device alarms, connects directly from patient’s room to Responder 5000.
  • Notifies the appropriate nursing staff of alarm status.

VoIP Staff Console

Features and Benefits

  • Located at the unit desk.
  • Manages staff workflow.
  • Speed dial buttons can be programmed to set service requests or instantly dial patients or staff rooms.
  • Console to console communication.

Pillow Speaker

Features and benefits

  • Clear conversations with patients.
  • Patient can make specific requests.
  • Durable connector that won’t break.
  • Also serves as a controller for the TV and more.

Rauland Enterprise

Management Dashboards

Features and benefits

  • Building a secure, scalable and open foundation.
  • Our technology and services work together, alongside your team, to provide a solid foundation for your IT vision.
  • Decrease costs, increase security, availability, and ease of scalability with centralized servers.
  • Protects patient data with secure, encrypted system.
  • Easily add and remove facilities.
  • Display dashboards with the health of your nurse call ecosystem.

Smartphone App

Features and Benefits

  • Customizable display and tones to distinguish call types.
  • System events are acknowledged.
  • Easy, intuitive to use.

Industries Benefiting From Rauland

Elderly Care
Acute Care
Longterm Care
Step-down Care

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