Creating Safe, Secure and Efficient Healthcare Experiences Across Life’s Stages


  • Sophisticated hospital-wide solutions for infant, patient and staff protection.

Asset Management & Operational Efficiency

  • Reduce time to locate and retrieve equipment for preventive maintenance and recalls.
  • Proactively and accurately assess equipment utilization and plan future purchases.
  • Streamline and simplify order fulfillment.
  • Reduce equipment rentals.
  • Automate PAR level management–right equipment, right location, right time.


  • Automated solutions for improved regulatory compliance, environmental monitoring, hand hygiene compliance, and at-risk patient fall monitoring.
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Aeroscout T12 Tag

Features & Benefits

  • Adds Bi-directional Communication to Market Leading Wi-Fi Tags.
  • Broad functionality, including motion sensing, egress point detection and an optional call button.
  • A tamper mechanism allows for proactive alerting when the tag is removed from monitored equipment.
  • The tag includes a configurable call button for applications such as summoning maintenance teams to the device.
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Aeroscout T2s Tag

Features & Benefits

  • Small form factor wi-fi tag suitable for people tracking and a broad range of applications.
  • Ideal for a variety of applications such as patient, staff and asset tracking.
  • Broad functionality includes room and bay level location, choke point detection, call button alerting, and motion detection.
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Aeroscout Mobile View

Features & Benefits

  • Keep clinical, operations and security staff fully informed on events that impact patient/staff safety and operational efficiency.
  • Real-time visual information.
  • Interactive maps use photos and icons and provide all the details necessary to respond quickly.
  • Improve response times with push notifications.
  • The user interface is customized for each use case – users only see the information and commands that are relevant to them.
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Hugs Mother and Baby Tags

Features & Benefits

  • Increase security for infants with hospital-wide multi-layered protection.
  • Support the correct matching of mothers and infants.
  • Streamline workflows through automated tasks and anywhere software access.
  • Leverage and integrate existing access control and security systems.
  • Improve patient experience and provide peace of mind for family and staff.
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Aeroscout Asset Management

Features & Benefits

  • Continuously monitor and proactively manage mobile assets across the enterprise.
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