Reliable, Secure and Easy-to-Use Tracking Devices for any Industry Application

Unified Control

  • Manage multiple Teltonika devices.
  • Customizable interface layout.
  • Configurable charts view.
  • Advanced Search  and Tag systems.

Remote Monitoring

  • No need to use Public IP.
  • Remote Access to all your devices.
  • Client-server based.
  • Periodic Parameter Monitoring.

Multi Config

  • Connecting as many devices as possible.
  • Configuration in a simple window.

Activity Log

  • Provides a historical record of system and user activity.
  • Monitor user and system activities to identify anomalies.
  • Identifies non-compliant activity.


  • Track and manage devices based on location – quick location and status on a map.
  • Automatically map devices based on GPS.
  • Manually define devices location.
  • Quickly view device status and signal quality.
  • Drill down into device or group dashboards.
  • Google Maps with an implemented search system.

Fast to deploy and easy to use


  • Linkyfi integrated and certified.

Teltonika Routers

RUT 240 (Wi-Fi)

Features & Benefits

  • RUT240 supports eight different VPN services, including OpenVPN, IPsec, Stunnel, and others, making it an ideal choice when you need to establish encrypted VPN channels between internal enterprise systems and remote home office workers.
  • Compact but powerful 4G /LTE & WiFi cellular router with Ethernet and I/O. Great for quick deployment in mission critical IoT applications where advanced Networking, VPN and security features are needed.

RUT 850

Features & Benefits

  • Specifically designed, tested and E-mark certified 4G/LTE & WiFi automotive cellular router. This compact device comes with an advanced WiFi Hotspot feature and ignition detection for quick deployment in transport applications.

RUT 950

Features & Benefits

  • Rugged and durable professional 4G/LTE Dual SIM cellular router with advanced WiFi, Ethernet and industrial grade networking functionality support. Quick to deploy, easy to manage and flexible for applications across the most demanding market sectors.

RUT 955

Features & Benefits

  • Professional rugged Dual-SIM 4G/LTE & WiFi cellular router. This highly secure and reliable industrial device is equipped with Ethernet, Digital & Analogue I/Os, RS232, RS485, GNSS (GPS), microSD and USB interfaces.

Other Special LTE Routers


Features & Benefits

  • Next generation LTE-A CAT6 cellular IoT router with Dual-SIM, Carrier Aggregation and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. A rugged and powerful choice with VPN, firewall and plenty of processing power for custom applications on the OpenWrt based RutOS system.


Features & Benefits

  • Most powerful and feature rich device within Teltonika Networking products range. Equipped with Dual-SIM, 4 x Gigabit Ethernet ports, Dual-Band AC WiFi, Bluetooth LE and USB interfaces. RUTX11 comes with all RutOS software and security features. This device is perfect for advanced Industrial and Enterprise applications.


Features & Benefits

  • Powerful Dual LTE Cat 6 router is designed for mission critical applications. Two simultaneously operational LTE CAT 6 modems can provide speeds up to 600 Mbps with load balancing feature. This makes this device irreplaceable in applications where loosing connection is not an option.

Telemetry / Tracking

Features & Benefits

  • Teltonika Vehicle Telematics.

Teltonika RMS (Remote Management Solution)

Features & Benefits

  • Teltonika Remote Management System (RMS) allows you to conveniently manage and monitor your Teltonika routers and devices.

Industries Benefiting From Teltonika

EXPO's & Trade Shows
Acute Care
Elderly Care

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