Embrace all Outside Data Without Getting “Lost”

We Measure, Process, Interpret and Analyse your People and Assets

  • WWW-IoT Eco-System is a hub where you combine your operational data with information provided through sensors and people.
  • Everything you want to know about your assets, people and external services can be linked digitally to your organisation. Through different ways of transmitting data we can even monitor your remote locations or assets.
  • Data can be transmitted via LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, MQTT, LTE-M, SigFox, RFID, HTTP, BLE just to mention a few.

Monitor supply chain data and get valuable insights

  • Optimize your process, feed your SCM, visualize your flows and act before problems occur.
  • IoT will act as a catalyst in these optimizations by intelligently connecting people, processes, data, and things via devices and sensors.
  • Deeper intelligence into supply and demand will not only benefit manufacturers, distributors, and retailers but also consumers, as their demands can be better met (and registered).

Connected Building

  • By inhabitants, for inhabitants (and all other visitors)

    • A building deals with energy, inhabitants, visitors, the environment and more.
    • All these add data or request data that we use to optimise the consumption and the occupancy of the building.
    • Calculate the actual energy usage and compare to your bills.
    • Enjoy a better understanding of how people use your building.
    • How many people walked in.
    • What is the average usage of a room.
    • What about the lights and air quality.
    • When do you have most water and electricity consumption.

Optimising processes, monitoring them and adding extra safety

  • Predictive maintenance of the infrastructure, process optimisation for cost reduction.
  • Our modules can be altered to hold all relevant information (metadata) of every type of industrial equipment and the ruling system is adapted to any condition that you want to monitor.
  • We also offer the ability to monitor the conditions and surroundings of the equipment. Temperature and humidity in the workshop, energy usage, light intensity etc.
  • WWW software you bring all of this info together and enables your business to operate with collective insights.

Industries Benefiting From WWW IoT/IoP

Elderly Care
Manufacturing & Warehousing
Expo's & Trade Shows
Multi Dwelling Units

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